Why We Need “The Real Education”

Education is the most crucial element for the development of an individual and society at large. Though in recent times, it is observed that Education is mostly perceived by many as qualification attained through School/College. But we all know, it is not the case as learning continues throughout our life. A simple analogy could be, “The Real Education” is the universe whereas “School/College Education” is one of the galaxy in that universe which coexist with many other galaxies. But in recent times, this galaxy called “School/College Education” is positioned as “The Universe” which is not the case and can not be the case. There will always be other innovative ways of learning beyond the “School/College Education”.

About “The Real Education”

“The Real Education” a movement to bring fundamental change in Education which includes broadening the scope of “The Real Education” and taking it to Lifelong Learning. Also “The Real Education” includes “self-taught” people, people learning through the family-based system and other indigenous methods, people following their spiritual journey towards Self-Actualization and many more. Hence “The Real Education” can be understood as the art of developing ourself.

Scope of Work – “The Real Education”

  1. To spread awareness about “The Real Education” and further “Re-Engineering the concept called Education” to help the individual and society at large
  2. Majority of Leaders in any industry are found to be Self-taught. But it seems that “Curiosity and Self-Learning” are not nurtured in our existing system. Hence this project would also include developing and spreading the models to nurture “Curiosity & Self-Learning”
  3. Development and Promotion of multi-purpose “Learning Centers” for incubation, makers-space, reading room, library, co-learning and more

How it can Benefit?

One can use “The Real Education” to

  • Solve their problems,
  • Achieve their goals
  • Grow in some aspect of life or
  • Pursue to be a seeker in this journey called LIFE

The beneficiaries of “The Real Education” frequently use words like Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Motivation, Self-Development, Personal Development, Life Long Learning etc.

Symbol of “The Real Education”?

Art of Self Crafting

Target Audience

Though “The Real Education” can be helpful for everyone. The immediate beneficiary of “The Real Education” could be:

  1. “The Real Education” of Young Leaders (Skill Development & Entrepreneurship)
  2. “The Real Education” of Business Leaders/Entrepreneurs
  3. “The Real Education” of Corporate Leaders
  4. “The Real Education” of Curious Leaders
  5. “The Real Education” of Underprivilege but Future Leaders

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